Apply for financing

Would you like to apply for additional financing for your existing charitable project? All you need to do is outline your project to the Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation using exclusively our application form. Your application should include a detailed description of the project objectives and purpose, how these objectives will be achieved, and details on the project financing. The Foundation board reviews each application in detail and welcomes applications for projects deserving of support, from anywhere in the world.

Grant applications must be submitted in full (including all requested attachments,  i.e. project manager CV, company's financial statements for the previous two years, proof of non profit status) at the latest two weeks before the Board Meeting. ATTENTION ! This application form cannot be cached.The next meeting will take place on August 23th, 2024.


Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation - Application Form

Applicant/applicant organisation details

Project manager

Project details

Project description

Project background


Additional information, relevant details, remarks


  • Project manager CV
  • company’s financial statements for the previous two years
  • Any additional information on the budget
  • Proof of non-profit status (p. ex. ZEWO certificate, proof of tax exemption)
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