Project financing

Are you an organisation, institution or representative of an association currently implementing a charitable project in the areas of training and education, or health and social affairs? The Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation can provide financial assistance for your project, if it qualifies under the Foundation’s requirements. The Foundation will only provide partial financing for projects which are already in the implementation phase.  

The Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation assists people worldwide who are in need or in distress. The Foundation provides funding and educational programmes to help give them a new perspective and a better life, and to bring some joy to their lives. In special cases, the Foundation also provides immediate aid using an accelerated approval process. The Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation board funds projects according to the following criteria:

Fulfilling the Foundation’s purpose

The main focus of the Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation’s work is on projects in the areas of training and education, development aid and health and social affairs. Children and adolescents are the main priority. Guided by the principle of “helping people to help themselves,” the Foundation’s goal is to give people the tools they need to create a better life for themselves.

Recipients of financial assistance

The Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation supports organisations, institutions or representatives of associations in the implementation of specific projects which qualify for financial assistance. The proof of non profit-status is mandatory. Funding is not provided to individuals for the fulfilment of their personal goals or to profit-minded organisations.

Type of financial assistance

The Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation only provides partial funding on an annual basis. The level of funding is determined by the Foundation’s board after a detailed project analysis. Considerable funding required for the project must be obtained in advance and documented in the project application. Follow-up projects are accepted (under the condition that they include all required documents).  Funding will not be provided to cover deficits incurred in the course of implementing a project.

Intended use of funding

The funding provided must be used exclusively to cover the expenses of the agreed project. If the funding provided is not used for the agreed purpose, any additional disbursements require the written approval of the Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation.

Release of funding

The applicable date for release of the funding is the start date stated in the project submission. The agreed amount will be paid into a bank account nominated by the project organiser. If the start of the project is delayed, the release date of the funds will be delayed accordingly. Unused project funding must be returned to the Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation. 


On completion of the project, the Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation requires submission of a final report with supporting pictures. All published material or project advertising developed by the project organiser should highlight the Foundation’s support of the project and should include a logo and/or written information. All reporting has to be in electronic form.

Project applications have to be submitted using the official application form. The Dr. Ernst-Günther Bröder Foundation welcomes applications for projects deserving of support from all over the world